Welcome to Heart Healing

The Undivided Heart is a company that is focused on leading you into encounters with God so that you can experience more freedom and better relationships through heart healing. 

We founded this company as a result of our own personal spiritual journeys of renewal with Jesus. Through the process, God knitted our hearts together around a common dream of bringing healing to the broken hearted (divided hearts) through encounters with Jesus and extending hospitality. 

We have years of experience in prayer and healing ministry which has given us the foundation and capacity to assist in your heart healing journey. We feel called to serve others through coaching sessions, retreats, and creating a healthy healing lifestyle community. 

At The Undivided Heart, it is our promise to provide a safe place for you to encounter Jesus, experience His love, and become transformed.   

All our love,

Susan and Shanna

The Co-Founders


Susan Roberson

Shanna Fougerousse

Susan Roberson

I am a wife of 30 years to my wonderful husband, Paul, a mom to two adult children, Emily and Evan, who are both happily married, and a soon to be grandma. I have been in church leadership for 25 years, mostly in women’s ministry, and I have a huge heart to see people healed and whole in every area of their lives. 

I am a lover of the Lord who has overcome fear, anxiety, and defeat through the power of learning my real identity. I have embraced a journey of heart healing and I am experiencing true freedom. 

I love people and I am excited to share the Kingdom of God and the power of a healed heart with anyone who will listen.


Shanna Fougerousse

Susan Roberson

Each coaching session is approximately one hour and includes a coach and a prayer intercessor. The sessions are facilitated by us, but led by the Holy Spirit. 

We meet with you in the privacy of your own space, remotely through Zoom Meetings. When you have a Heart Healing Session with us we want you to be comfortable and feel safe.

We look forward to walking with you as you invite the Lord into every area of your heart and allow Him to take you on your own journey of renewal and transformation. 


Shanna Fougerousse

Shanna Fougerousse

Shanna Fougerousse

I am the oldest of four children raised in a blended family and am remarried with a blended family of my own totaling four teenage children. My difficult past experiences from growing up in an alcoholic home left brokenness and identity issues to work through.  After battling through abuse, abandonment and addiction, I now live life in true freedom! 

Finding the love of Christ was amazing and yet understanding heart healing was the secret sauce that finally made my life make sense. 

I  have spent the last 10 years leading recovery/healing and prayer ministry teams in my local church.  One of my favorite things is to see others find freedom through the process of heart healing.

Our Why

single session and bundles

Facilitating encounters for more freedom + better relationships



The big dream

God has decided NOW is the time for this to be birthed. We are in the process of acquiring this monastery and will have more information soon. 

Our desire is to have a place for heart healing and restoration to take place in each person . We are partnering with God and can't wait to see all that He chooses to do.


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If you are ready to start living a lifestyle of freedom, message us to get started! Everyone has a unique situation, and we will strive to accommodate yours.